Elementary School Students

One of our biggest ongoing projects is our Elementary school projects. Our projects include the Arts project, Tutoring (TAAC), and the Garden project. To learn more click here

Global Populations


TNT is a program that has high school students mentor children, helping them become great leaders while also giving back to the community. The School’s Project is under this umbrella.

Love, Light, Melody

After many taxi visits to the dump the following year to photograph and learn more about the community, Brad met the most unlikely and beautiful little girl, Ileana. Ileana rode up to his taxi, grabbed his hand and pulled him into a world that would change his life forever. Inspired by Ileana’s joy and courage and by the people living in the trash dump who welcomed him into their community like family, Brad formed Love Light & Melody the following year (2007) to help meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of all the people living and working there.
Kids Helping Kids sponsors LLM by annually donating 10% of their revenue.


In 2017 Kids Helping Kids Sacramento was able to send 11 kids to Cuba to help out families in need there. They passed out rice and common household items to families who were not fortunate enough to have them. We assisted special needs populations throughout the country, and were able to make a lasting impact on the lives of the children that needed it most.

High School Students

College Bound Program

We sponsor under-resourced San Juan Unified graduates with a $300 shopping spree for dorm supplies and a laptop computer to aid them in their studies. We will specifically target our outreach to students from low income backgrounds. All participating students will select a mentor (former teacher, counselor, coach) to shop with them for items they’ll need in college. They will receive guidance in the basics of selecting classes and a major, how to find support in college and financial literacy to assist them as they navigate paying for college. All recipients will receive an additional $100 gift card once they send in their grades after their first quarter or semester of college so that we can track their progress in school

Special Populations

The fourth population we serve is the special population. We serve them in many ways, our most well recognized being our annual paralympic basketball clinic.