Senior Management Team

Emma Gumacal

Chief Executive Officer

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Emma has spent the last three years of high school in student government, along with multiple sports in and out of school including: volleyball, swim, and soccer. She has also been an honors and AP student for all 3 years of high school. Emma enjoys spending time with children which has led her to occupy many part-time jobs including a camp counselor, a swim teacher, and a babysitter. Along with that, Emma has plans to attend a 4 year university to study child development with a major in sign language.

Alaric Holly

Chief Financial Officer

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Alaric has been a varsity track and field athlete for the past three years, along with being a member of the AVID program and was treasurer his sophomore year. Alaric has been an honors and AP student for the last 2 years. He enjoys spending time volunteering for the local little league field days. After high school, Alaric has plans to attend a four year university to study kinesiology and exercise science.

Aurora Uribe

Chief Operations Officer

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Aurora, former AVID class president, spent the summer before her senior year working at Mastagni Law Firm as a legal assistant. She enjoys running track and field and participating in clubs such as SWAV and Key Club. Aurora has always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, which is why she is always taking up opportunities to babysit younger children. In order to pursue her dream career, she is advancing to a four year university straight out of high school to study child and adolescent development.

Jayde King

Director of Advancement

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Jayde has been dancing ever since she was just 3 years old. Weekly she teaches at her mom’s studio ages 2-10 years old. Like her mom she believes every child deserves the chance to dance, this year she is starting our first ever outreach dance program at Thomas Kelly Elementary! Working with young children fills her heart up with joy. After high school, she plans to major in Political Science and dreams of becoming California’s first female governor.

Ariana Valencia

Director of Event Services

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Ariana has been a part of student government for the past three years in high school. She recently graduated from the position of Class President in her junior year as well as Class Secretary in her freshman year. Since the age of 3, she spent 12 years studying the art of dance. Ariana plans on graduating high school to attend a 4 year college to study orthodontics.

Tatum Auble

Director of Outreach

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Tatum has been an honors and AP student for the past 3 years along with being a varsity water polo player and swimmer. She really enjoys being with kids and would love to work with them in the future so she has had jobs such as being a swim instructor and babysitter. After high school, she plans on attending American River College for 2 years and transferring to a 4 year.

Isabella Runyan

Chief Marketing Officer

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Isabella has been a part of an international club for the past 3 years. She has also run track and field as well as cross country since her freshman year. After high school, she wants to attend a 4 year university pursuing a degree in biological science and hopefully become a PA.

Jasmine Suamsoong

Director of Productions

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Jasmine has spent a majority of her high school years primarily focused on her academics in all honors and AP classes. However, she spends her free time exploring different interests such as playing various instruments and participating in different sports as well as dance. Jasmine plans on attending a 4 year university after high school to focus on communications and media studies.

Board of Directors

Anthony Gibson

Kim Tucker

Michael Flaherty

Reed Baumgarten

Saul Hernandez