What is PAve

Performing And Visual arts Education, or PAVE, is a program that helps local families who lack the financial resources to participate in valuable programs within the arts. Kids Helping Kids believes that education is far more vast than just academics. We want to ensure that students have a complete education, which includes experiences that value creativity and artistic expression. During these troublesome times, we anticipate that schools will be subject to financial cuts, causing art programs to lose funding. Kids Helping Kids plans on supporting multiple art programs including our Music Advancement Program (MAP), as well as programs that focus on drama, photography, dance, and more. By uniting with communities both locally and globally, we will fulfill our goal of helping underfunded families and artforms alike.



There are many families in the Northern California region who cannot afford school supplies for their kids, much less a musical instrument. Kids Helping Kids believes that these children deserve a chance to be able to play an instrument without having to worry about heavy costs. For these reasons alone, Kids Helping Kids has developed the Music Advancement Program, or MAP. This program gives underserved kids, both locally and globally, the opportunity to fulfill their passion for music by providing them discounted prices on instruments, repairs, and rentals. Kids Helping Kids plans on partnering with multiple local music businesses throughout the Sacramento region in order to achieve this goal. We believe that music is an important part of everyday life, and we are happy to be able to provide instruments for underserved kids.