Julian Can Campaign


A family in our community has recently passed away. Julian Montano was the only surviving member of his family, he lost his five year old brother along with his parents and nine year old sister after a drunk driver sped down the wrong side of the interstate and slammed into his family's car. They were making their way to the Grand Canyon for Thanksgiving vacation.

We are deeply involved with the school Thomas Kelly Elementary that both of his siblings went to. Julian Montano has suffered numerous injuries including a broken leg, fractures in his foot and ribs. Thankfully Julian is expected to make a full recovery.

By March 8th, 2022, we hope to raise $60,000 for Julian's college education. By the time Julian is 18, the 529 college fund will have grown over $200,000.

By donating to Julian we can help insure he gets the education he deserves.