College Bound Program

We sponsor under-resourced San Juan Unified graduates with a $300 shopping spree for dorm supplies and a laptop computer to aid them in their studies. We specifically target students whose academic success is limited by financial barriers. All participating students will select a mentor (former teacher, counselor, coach) to shop with them for items they’ll need in college. They will receive guidance in the basics of selecting classes and a major, how to find support in college and financial literacy to assist them as they navigate paying for college. All recipients will receive an additional $100 gift card once they send in their grades after their first quarter or semester of college so that we can track their progress in school. With the money raised from the College Bound Classic alone we helped over 25 college bound students!

Career Day

On April 7th at Del Campo High School, Kids Helping Kids was proud to host over 80 professionals for our first-ever Career Day. Students registered for a series of three sessions in which professionals from a variety of fields–everyone from doctors to professional athletes to established authors– answered questions and gave presentations about their careers. Presentations included information about what our professionals do, how they established their careers, job requirements, Q & A’s, and much more! Students also enjoyed a motivational speech from a very special guest, as well as a lunchtime concert. Each kid was able to view insights as to what their dream career would require of them, and what it would give back. It gave the students a look into their possible future.