College Bound Application

Kids Helping Kids Sacramento strives to provide resources for under-served high school students in the Sacramento region. We hope to supply materials that will help break down any educational barriers a high school senior might have, improving the student-life of hardworking and passionate student. The Kids Helping Kids College Bound Classic applicant winners will receive the resources we feel will best help accomplish this task, including a new laptop computer and a target shopping spree. Our shopping spree, allowing the acquisition of dormitory supplies, will help students to feel they already have their foot in the door before their first year at college even begins. If you are a senior in high school interested in applying, fill out and submit the application below.

If you have questions about the application, please email

Student's Information:

Please upload a PDF of your transcript, this can be obtained from your counselor.
Please upload a written letter of intent regarding why you should be chosen

If selected, which teacher/mentor/counselor would you like to shop with you?

College Finances

*Lack of stable housing* is defined as doubled up with another family, living in a hotel, transitional housing, or other temporary housing due to economic hardship.