¨Learning is best by doing, and doing is best by serving others.¨

Kids Helping Kids is a nonprofit corporation made up of empowered students making a difference from the classroom to the community by investing in the lives of children in need both locally and globally.

Who we are

Kids Helping Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation run entirely by junior and senior high school students in Sacramento, California. With the help of the original branch in Santa Barbara, the Sacramento organization was founded in 2012. Everything we accomplish, including this website, is completed by the work of high school students with the mentorship of generous individuals.

What we do

Kids Helping Kids serves four populations along with unique grant and aid cases. Locally, our arts, tutoring and gardening programs help kids in our community thrive. Our college bound program helps foster at risk youth with their transition into college. We also provide financial aid to families whose children are fighting cancer. On a global scale, 10% of our annual income is donated to the organization Love, Light and Melody, which provides Nicaraguan children with food, clothes, shelter, and education. Last year we raised approximately $146,000 to fund individual causes, assist global efforts, and start unique local projects through business partnerships and our signature benefit gala. 

Why we do it

While each student has a unique passion that fuels their enthusiasm for what we do as an organization, everyone involved has a devotion to help others and learn about the functionings of a nonprofit. The skills that we are able to learn in the classroom are applied to make a tangible, lasting difference in the real world by supporting our four populations. Regardless of their position in the organization, each member is able to make a large impact and receives an experience that can never be paralleled by any lesson taught in a classroom.

Dear Community, 

          We have always led, and will continue to lead by our mission statement. We are dedicated to changing the lives of children in need both locally, and globally. Moreover, we are committed to developing who we are, and what we stand for. In light of the reoccurring racial injustice in our country, we see that there is work to be done within our community and our own organization. 

          We recognize that the members of the Black community have been fighting against racial injustices for centuries. Due to recent events, we understand that we must not stay idle any longer. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and we realize it is time to use our voice to support this worldwide call for change. 

          Learning is best by doing, and doing is best by serving others. We have always stood by this vision, and it is what drives us to join the fight against racial injustice. As an organization, we plan on taking action in the following ways: 

  • We will conduct a school-wide survey to better understand where and how we can best represent our campus and its diverse culture.
  • We will host multiple “Lunch and Learn’s” on campus where guest speakers from our community will come to educate students, share their stories, and answer questions pertaining to systemic racism, social inequality, and discrimination.
  • We will broaden our outreach by dedicating time at our local middle schools to create a pipeline for future KHK student leaders that is focused on diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We aim to break away from our advanced placement student pathway and are dedicated to growing inclusivity in our organization.
  • Kids Helping Kids is introducing a new position for the 2021-2022 school year on the  Senior Management Team - Director of Diversity. 

Kids Helping Kids Sacramento understands this is a process of listening, learning and acting. Our social media and website will reflect our progress and we invite you to follow along.

 We are taking steps to inspire Kids Helping Kids members to head the fight against racial injustices. We will not stay silent any longer. We hear you. We see you. We stand with you.