The Arts Project

The Arts Project is a program that partners Kids Helping Kids members with local Cameron Ranch elementary students in second and third grade. With the recent cuts in funding in schools, important programs like art programs were the first to go. Kids Helping Kids wanted to fill this gap.

Target worked with Kids Helping Kids to get together the materials needed to get the Arts Project going. With their supplies we’ve been able to do small projects with the kids once a week, ranging from storybooks to homemade lava lamps. At such a young age, we see it as a crucial part of their education to have an outlet for creativity. By partnering with these local kids, we not only get to develop relationships within the community, but we also can give them something the lack of funding in schools has taken away.

Tutoring (TAAC)

The Academic Advancement Company (TAAC) is a tutoring company that specializes in English and Mathematics (including SAT and CAHSEE preparation). We provide free tutoring to low-income students in need at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in our area. Our goal is to expand our reach to be able to assist in the education of children who may not otherwise receive the help they need.

The Garden Project

The Garden Project is a program to allow kids to have a better understanding of nature, and develop an appreciation for the natural world around them that they wouldn’t otherwise have at their age. Some gardens will grow natural food goods, to give them an understanding of where their food comes from, and how to sustain food on their own.

We’re also including a planter box for the special education class. For this specific class we’re developing a science curriculum and matching it with the best plants for sensory learning. The overall program includes creating garden boxes at Carmichael Elementary School to give each grade a chance to have their own share in the project. We’re beginning with six garden boxes for each grade in hopes of later further expansion to include all of the individual classes. This hands-on science experience will carry through to their everyday understanding of nature and allow for an active science curriculum to further their education.

The Schools Project

The Schools Project in Kids Helping Kids is designed to give children in low tier socioeconomic schools the things they’ll need to succeed in the classroom.

In 2013, Kids Helping Kids personally handed out backpacks filled with crayons, markers, pencil pouches, and more to kindergarteners in Howe Avenue Elementary School. In 2014, along with Howe, three more schools, Cordova, Elverta, and Glenwood Elementary, were also given school supplies. One hundred and thirty kids in Howe, ninety in Cordova, thirty five in Elverta, and seventy three in Glenwood received backpacks filled with school supplies. These schools spanned across four different districts, and each one had kindergartners who were ready for their first school year. In 2015, we expanded our efforts even more. We aided six schools and one women’s shelter, and helped over 550 students start off their school year with new supplies. In 2016, we decided to focus all of our efforts and funds on Carmichael Elementary.