Grant and Aid

Kids Helping Kids Sacramento consists of empowered students making a difference from the classroom to the community by investing in the lives of children in need. It is the privilege of our organization and our Corporate Sponsors to apply a portion of our funds to special causes in the greater Sacramento community. We will now be accepting applications for our Grant and Aid year round! To apply for Grant and Aid, please send an email with your first and last name, phone number, request, monetary amount, and reason for request to Those who have previously applied and have not heard back from us, please reapply by emailing your request to All will be considered.


We gave Dillon, a child with special needs, a tricycle to improve his motor skills and allow him to move independently.


Lindsi has cancer and we gave her family the funds necessary for traveling to get her chemotherapy. We partnered with KHK Santa Barbara to make this possible.

Allison Kiger

We funded her Girl Scouts Project which sought to improve the conditions in the Placer County child protective services visiting rooms. This funding allowed her to transform the visiting rooms to be warm and welcoming to encourage positive interactions during hard times for kids and their families.


PJ is a 2nd grade student with severe visual impairments. His vision issues were so severe that he could not see the board in any of his classrooms so we purchased an iPad for him which is smartboard compatible allowing him to have everything on the board greatly magnified in front of him.

Joseph Jones

We assisted with the funding required to send him on a global leadership trip to Australia that allowed him to get involved in the local community and teach children about caring and responsibly cultivating their local environment.

The West Family

We gave clothes and necessities to four children whose grandmother had to unexpectedly had to care for them.

The Concklin Family

We purchased necessary hearing aids for one of the family’s two sons, allowing him to hear the teacher and not fall behind in class.

Faith Wyley

Kids Helping Kids was able to grant Del Campo student, Faith, $3,000 to attend a mission trip to Zambia to help orphans with A.I.D.S. She stayed in Africa for one month over her summer vacation to teach them English as well as other skills that they wouldn’t receive otherwise.


Kids Helping Kids bought hearing aids for a child named Angel. She has a hearing disability which impedes her ability to hear the teacher in the classroom. This has a direct effect on her educational growth and we saw this as an opportunity to help her.


We delivered a new printer to Eddie, a local foster youth, at Franklin High School and provided him with gift cards and supplies to level the academic playing field as he heads to college next year. Kids Helping Kids is a firm believer in helping children like Eddie in our communities who are facing especially large obstacles.