Each year we host a gala as part of our efforts to bring together the community that supports Kids Helping Kids Sacramento. It’s an elegant, black-tie event that is not limited to just a benefit concert, but also includes live and silent auctions.

When our guests leave the event they’re left with more than just an appreciation for the great items we offer – they leave with the memory of a varied and enjoyable show filled with charismatic presenters, polished customer service, and good music. But arguably the most moving aspect of the entire night is the palpable atmosphere of excitement, and the visible passion of the kids who spent hundreds of hours bringing it all together.

The Gala is our biggest event of the year, and it’s being planned and perfected from the very moment our previous gala ends, to the crucial second before the first guest walks in. Every year as we are able to expand our reach as a nonprofit, our gala grows and expands with us. It’s always changing and getting better- offering new artists, and bigger and better auction items than ever. At our 3rd Annual Gala we raffled off a 2013 Fiat 500, live auction items that included U.S Open tickets and limousine wine tours of the Napa Valley, and over one hundred silent auction baskets.

There is a sweeping feeling of exuberance as people who walked in as strangers walk out knowing that they are part of the Kids Helping Kids family.

Fourth Annual Gala

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Fifth Annual Gala

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Sixth Annual Gala

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