Learning is best by doing, and doing is best by serving others

Who we are

Kids Helping Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation run entirely by junior and senior high school students in Sacramento and Santa Barbara, California. With the help of the original branch in Santa Barbara, the Sacramento organization was founded in 2012.

What we do

Kids Helping Kids aids four populations along with unique grant and aid cases. Locally, our arts, tutoring and gardens programs help kids in our community thrive. On a global scale, 10% of our annual income is donated to the organization Love, Light and Melody, which provides Nicaraguan children with food, clothes, shelter, and education. Our college bound program helps college bound foster youth and at risk youth excel in college. We also provide financial aid to families whose children are fighting cancer. Last year we raised approximately $146,000 to fund individual causes, assist global efforts, and start unique local projects through business partnerships and our signature benefit gala. 

Why we do it

While each student has a unique reason that fuels their enthusiasm for what we do as an organization, we, as a whole, have a passion to help others and learn about the nonprofit world. Kids Helping Kids teaches students how to run a nonprofit and then we use what we learn in our classroom setting to make a perceptible difference in the real world by supporting our four populations. Regardless of their position in the organization, each member receives an experience that can never be paralleled by any lesson taught in a classroom.